Origami Luke

Origami Anakin is awesome!

For Stampy

Lee and Stampy

Lee and Stampy


I am dressed as Lee (because I don’t have a cat costume that looks like Stampy) and I am sitting with my Cat Puffle named Stampy (because there are no Bear Puffles)!

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From GageRox1

Abandoned, griefed server

modesty.homelinux.net… sounds interesting… let’s check it out sometime!


at: modesty.homelinux.net

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Help me Blog, Guys!

Alright, I’ll get straight to it. I’ve never blogged and I need help figuring out how. This is the page where you help me! The more you put here, the better and cooler my blog is. If you see ANYTHING unmentioned, please, MENTION IT! I DON’T KNOW HOW TO BLOG! So yeah, that gets about all of it, so yeah! By the way if you want to talk to me call me SF Gage even though the post that will make me an SF isn’t up yet. Post help!
-SF Gage.